About US
As a professional distributor, Pantek Technology positions itself to be a provider of total solution, instead of chip alone. This intention demands in-depth design assistance and matured integration capabilities. Many engineering efforts come along with experienced FAE supports.

The chip vendors we represent are amongst the world's best companies in respective fields. They all focus heavily on Research and Development, trying to maintain a cutting edge in technology. To work with these first-tier suppliers, Pantek Technology maintains a strong technical force, led by experienced personnel, for customer support. Moreover, almost all of the staff possesses technical background and management skills. At Pantek, people are the most precious asset.
Pantek Technology is a young, energetic company. Sustainable growth is something we can expect from the company. To keep on the track, more product lines with competitive strengths are welcome. Meanwhile, more people with great ambition in career are also welcome.

Established in 1997, Pantek Technology makes all its efforts to be an indispensable distributor with expertise and quality services. With Communication & Multimedia as focused markets, Pantek Technology devotes itself to work with leading solution providers of the world in various communication fields, including SDH/SONET transmission, ATM/IP, Wireless Local Area Network and Bluetooth, Audio CODEC, Network Processor, Wireless transmission and market these competitive solutions to end-product manufacturers.


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